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Heidi Jordan
Heidi Jordan

Join me at 365 EduCon in Dallas August 8-12, 2022! Use the code JORDAN to save $100 on your registration. This is the perfect opportunity to step outside of your day to day and focus on self development and innovation. The speakers at this event are top notch. Yes, they’re subject matter experts, but they’re also passionate, driven individuals who thrive on inspiring others.

A little more about this conference:
365 EduCon (by SPFest) brings to you the world’s leading experts in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Azure. Whether you are new to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint or an experienced power user, admin or developer, 365 EduCon has content designed to fit your experience level and area of interest. Our workshops and sessions are taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Regional Directors and Microsoft engineers.

At 365 EduCon, subject matter is divided into tracks and each session is designated for beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert. Tracks are offered for the following subjects: Microsoft 365,  SharePoint, Azure / o365 Development, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Search, Content Management, Power Users, Business Value, Implementation/Administration, Flow/Workflow, Business Intelligence, SharePoint Development, and more. Choose one complete learning track or mix and match based on what content best meets you and your organization’s current needs!

During this event, I’ll be delivering 3 sessions:
1. Power Apps: Tips From a First-Time User
Having troubles getting started with Power Apps? You’re not alone. As InfoPath support comes to an end, it’s imperative that users understand the next form designer baked into SharePoint Online.

In this session, I’ll share what I learned as a first-time user of Power Apps – both what works and what doesn’t. Together, we will cover the entire lifecycle of a SharePoint Online list form and address the basics: How do I actually build my first form? Where do I add fields and their defaults? Can I make it look pretty? Once I publish the form, how do users fill it out?

This session will be peppered with my own personal pros and cons, pitfalls to be aware of but mostly centered around the things a user should consider before making the switch from any form designer to Power Apps.

2. Next Level News
Do you want to use an Intranet to share pertinent dynamic information such as announcements, milestones, system outages and upcoming events? Do you also want the content to be interactive and engaging for your users? Consider repeat content – would you benefit from using a template every month and/or scheduling your messages? Would you also like to easily push your content to MS Teams or Yammer?

SharePoint News can help you achieve all of these things and so much more! Derived from the legacy Announcements List in SharePoint On-Premises, SharePoint News has evolved into an expansive feature that users must understand how to take full advantage of.

In this session we will cover:
• How to create, edit, delete and schedule a News Post
• News Templates
• Strategy and Architecture, including Hub News
• Web Parts to display Posts
• Where to find Posts
• Real life use case: Build an Alert System to display important messages on your site

3. Build a No-Code Application with the tools already in your belt!
In this hands-on session, we will see how to maximize our Microsoft 365 investment by dissecting a simple referral system built with Microsoft Forms, SharePoint Online and Power Automate. We’ll take a look at how these three pillars unite to empower a business with a system designed to track referrals from both internal and external customers.

Then, we’ll expand on the solution with Microsoft Teams and Power BI which layer in an additional medium for communication and insightful data visualizations.

The take-aways from this session will relate to more than just referral tracking; the idea is to examine each component of a real life application and demonstrate how you can get started building functional solutions for any line of business.

Hope to see you there!


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