Five quick reasons why you should attend the Microsoft Power Platform Conference

Heidi Jordan
Heidi Jordan

History in the making! The first ever Power Platform conference is happening September 20-22, 2022 in Orlando, FL and here are five reasons you should be a part of it:

1. Evergreen product – what you know about the Power Platform now will change by September. Product updates are released in waves from April to September so that feature you’ve been dreaming of might may be shipped before the conference. Who better to discuss it with than a hotel full of Power Platform aficionados? As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know” and keeping up with change is a full time job.

2. Access to resources – first, there’s the Microsoft speakers and product team. You will have access to the minds who design and implement the Power Platform. If you’re stuck on something, you can ask those very intricate questions and maybe even avoid a support ticket. Second, there will also be a handful of community speakers present. This group is comprised of MVP’s, content creators, and evangelists. These are the people who cannot stop talking about Power Platform – they want you to engage them because they feed on those conversations.

3. Networking – this conference will be held in-person and those seemingly minor interactions cannot be replaced by any virtual element. Think conversations over coffee with someone you sat next to at your last session or gathering up the confidence to enjoy lunch at a table with total strangers. In addition, sponsors and vendors generally have booth setups so you can speak with a variety of representatives and discover incredible tools that could help fill the gaps in your work. 

4. Invest in yourself – be honest, when is the last time you sat and listened to anything uninterrupted for 60 minutes? Take a break and dedicate your full attention to what the speakers have to say. You never know when something will resonate with you; you just might discover your new passion.

5. Learn something new – as with traditional conference schedules, there are workshop and 60 minute session offerings. But in addition, this conference will have 25 minute intro sessions. These amuse bouche options give you a taste of the topic, giving you the option to dive deeper in your next session choice. Alternatively, maybe a 25 minute session is all you need. You just want a quick overview and then you still have time to dig into another topic.

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