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Heidi Jordan
Heidi Jordan

As a former newbie to Power Platform, I wanted to start a repository of all the amazing community resources that helped me on my journey. Thank you to all who work tirelessly to document and share their knowledge for the good of others.

1. Sharing is Caring
M365 & Power Platform | Sharing Is Caring (
Sharing is Caring is a PnP program that provides hands-on guidance on using and contributing to the Microsoft365 community.

  1. Sharing is caring sessions – Each Sharing is Caring session provides hands-on, collaborative guidance. Depending on the session topic, this may include how to use Microsoft 365 & PnP resources, how to contribute to the community and more! All sessions provide a unique opportunity to collaborate in a smaller setting.
  2. Buddy System for first time presenters – Would you like to provide a demo on a PnP call, but would feel more comfortable co-presenting? Sign up for the PnP Buddy System to pair up with another community member
  3. Office Hours – The PnP Office Hours is your opportunity to schedule 15 or 30 minutes with a member of the PnP Sharing is Caring team for collaboration or questions.

2. Power Platform Community Site
Home – Power Platform Community (
Join lively discussions, events, and user groups through a platform-wide community of ideas, insights, and helpful resources.

  1. Product Overviews and Resources
  2. User Group details
  3. Links to Product Specific Forums
  4. Links to other Microsoft Tech Communities

3. Community Calls
Microsoft 365 and Power Platform Community Blog (
These monthly calls are designed to update and inspire members of the tech community. Each call is recorded and includes the latest updates and news on Power Platform including community events and training opportunities. Also features 2-3 short demos hand selected to showcase the Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents and Power Pages).

4. Microsoft Power Up Program
Microsoft Power Up Program for career switchers
Microsoft Power Up Program enables non-tech professionals to successfully advance into a new career path in low-code application development using Microsoft Power Platform. This is a 3 month guided program that requires 8-10 hours per week. Includes a voucher for a Microsoft certification exam.

5. Power Platform Samples
Power Platform Samples – Power Platform Samples (
Power Platform Samples – components built by Community contributors and made available for all to use.

6. Community Days
Community Days | Homepage
Community Days is a site dedicated to promoting Microsoft 365 & Power Platform events. (Formerly known as SharePoint Saturday events). There are both paid and free events included in the listings.


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