My first blog post

Heidi Jordan
Heidi Jordan

First things first – if you’re reading this, I want to thank you. Since this is my first blog post, there’s a good chance you fall into one of the following buckets:

1. A family member (Hi Mom and Dad!)
2. One of my friends who supports my passion for technology even if you don’t haven’t the foggiest idea what I do
3. A member of the tech community who I may or may not have had the pleasure of meeting but there’s a good chance you’ve influenced me in some way

No matter which bucket you belong to, you are directly responsible for my success and I appreciate you!

All that being said, why am I starting this blog? This will be a place for me to share my experiences with the Microsoft 365 applications that I embrace every day. A less eloquent way of saying this – I want to share my stories from the trenches. That Power Apps thing I just spent three hours researching – I’ll put that into a blog post and save you the time. The beauty with M365 apps is we all started from zero. We were all newbies who questioned our decision to use an application and ran into seemingly simple errors. We all know that feeling of scouring the internet and pulling our hair out for that one particular answer. But once we find that answer, it lights a fire in us. This is the desire to learn more.

What do we do to learn more? We dive in headfirst and immerse ourselves in blogs, podcasts, user groups, and conferences. In doing so, we discover the tech community – a group of like-minded individuals who feel your pain, celebrate your accomplishments, and share your passion for learning. Together we attend events, we network, we socialize, we build relationships and friendships that stand the test of time and geography. We yearn for the next time we can gather again.

We thrive in the community but at some point, we reach a place where we start to make connections between the things we have learned over the years and what the community needs from us. This is where I find myself today. As fellow tech enthusiast Todd Klindt once said, “No matter how simple it may seem, everyone has a story to share. Everyone knows something that another person will benefit from.” And that, simply put, is what I’m here to do. 

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for more technical content.



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