Six Power Automate Essentials to Keep Your Business Flowing Resource Files

Heidi Jordan
Heidi Jordan

There are two ways to download the files for each scenario
1. Click on ‘Download flow here’
2. Copy the link below ‘Download flow here’ and paste into browser.

Scenario 1: Assign an Approval to a group
Download flow here

Scenario 2: Configure run after behavior
Download flow here.

Scenario 3: Condition vs. Switch
Download flow here

Scenario 4: HTTP Actions and Parent/Child Flows
Package includes:
a. Scenario 4 Instant Flow – Get SharePoint Comments
b. Scenario 4 Trigger Flow
c. Scenario 4 – Department Approval
d. Scenario 4 – Committee Approval
Download flows here

Scenario 5: Empty Value Testing
Package includes:
a. Scheduled Flow: Close Date Reminder
b. Instant Flow: Condition Empty Field Visibility
Download flows here

Scenario 6: Monthly Prospect Updates
Download excel file here
Download flow here


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